It’s bathtime!

Now some of your humans prefer to bathe you themselves and that’s OK! They can do it right here because at home you have little baths designed for humans and none of the deep cleaning facilities, dryers and the like that we really need.

Relax! Instead of getting soap and water all over your bathroom at home, come to the:


Our PRIMA deep cleaning bathing system is available to all of us pooches. Just bring your human along to our facility for dog grooming in Seattle and he or she can bathe and dry you. We have everything you need. The raised tubs make it easier for the humans to scrub our backs without bending their’s.

We have all the shampoos, blow-dryers and towels needed to keep us looking sleek and beautiful. It’s that simple and of course, it costs less because your human is doing the work!

So, what does it cost for all this bath time pampering? Well, that depends on how big you are…


30 lbs and under $18
31 – 60 lbs $20
61 – 80 lbs $22
81+ lbs $24
Assisted Nail Clipping $14
Dremel $18

There is a $3 surcharge for extra long haired dogs.