There ya are! Did I tell you how much fun and activity we have at our dog day care in Seattle?

When I’m not trying to touch my nose with my tongue, I get to romp around with my friends (2 and 4 legged) in one of the play areas and hang out with one of our wranglers (that’s dog speak for humans).

At Central Bark we run around, play ball, have jumping competitions, (I’m the resident champ) and a whole lotta canine socialization. Hey! this beats the pants off howling at the neighbors.

So anyway, all this activity can be pretty tiring so in the afternoons we like to take naps, play around some more and sing songs at our dog day care in Seattle. The wranglers like to sing and we all join in the chorus. You gotta hear it to believe it!

I have to say that it’s a clean, safe and sanitary environment here and by the time we’re done for the day, we’re pretty pooped, and you know what that means? Your human gets to enjoy a nice quiet evening with his or her 4 legged best friend. (That’s us).

Now, there are some requirements involved in spending your days here so just click the link to read all about them.

I guess you’d like to know what it costs, so here goes…


There are options when it comes to paying for the Doggy Daycare experience. You can either pay on a day-by-day basis or you can save money by purchasing one of our Daycare Discount Packages.

$9.50 / hour OR $38 / day


5 Day Package = $173 ($34.60 / day)
10 Day Package = $336 ($33.60 / day)
20 Day Package = $650 ($32.50 / day)

Ask us about the unlimited daycare packages that are available.