Dog Lovers are Healthier

Posted by: admin | February 23, 2012 | Posted in Dog Health

After a recent study by Harold Hertzog questioning the benefits of pet ownership (click here to see the study) there has been some debate as to whether pet ownership really is better for your health.  For us devoted dog-lovers it can be hard to imagine life without a canine companion by our side.  Even with all the responsibility and sometimes stress of caring for any living creature, the idea that such love could not bring about some tangible perks is hard to buy.

Well here is our proof!  The American Journal of Cardiology has declared that in a study of 200 people with chronic diseases, pet owners had healthier hearts and an overall better prognosis than those that opted not to share their lives with a four legged companion.  You can read all about it here.   Good thing to keep in mind while scooping poop in the pouring rain tonight.

The study brought up an interesting chicken-or-the-egg question as to whether pets made their human caretakers healthier or simply if pet ownership attracts healthier people?  Either way it is a thumbs up to dog lovers everywhere.