Pet Store Puppies

We continue to be impressed with the spectacular variety of dogs we have here at Central Bark, from purebred Pomeranians to true Heinz 57s that tip the scales at 90lbs.  I am also awed with how knowledgeable our clients are and how many of them chose to adopt or purchase their dog from a credible breeder.

That said, I am still suprised by how many people tell me that they bought their puppy from a pet store or mass online breeder.  Don’t they know that puppies sold in pet stores come almost exclusively from puppy mills where they live in squalid, crowded, wire-bottom cages and are never allowed to experience the joys of doggie life like feeling grass on their feet, playing with other dogs, or being loved by a human?

There is something that we can do about it.  Don’t buy anything from pet stores that sell puppies and puppy mills will go out of business.  You can also sign the ASPA’s pledge to reject purchases from puppy-peddling operations by clicking here.

Thanks for taking the time to sign!