Dog Training Seminar at CB

Upcoming Training Seminar

“Leash Walking, Sit, Stay, and Down!”

Saturday June 18th, 2011

This class could be a refresher or
teaching your new pup how to walk
with you and strengthen your bond.
The seminar will also focus on Sit,
Stay, and Down. Using these
commands and creating
consistency is really important for your dog and they could save your dog’s life. Bring high priority treats (something really smelly and tasty) or a toy that motivates your dog, a nylon or leather leash, and the training collar you use (Halti, Gentle Leader, Easy Walker, Nylon Collar, Matingale, etc.)

Limited space available!  Sign up NOW!  To sign up call us at (206) 325-3525, email us at or sign up at our front desk.  See you soon!