Go Kong for the Holidays

Posted by: admin | December 19, 2011 | Posted in Dog Health

Since the holiday season seems to be full of cooking, stuffing, and wrapping activities and leaves little attention for Fido, we figured why not continue mixing and stuffing and give Fido a little extra love (and something to do while you’re busy with family): stuff a Kong!  In case you haven’t already discovered these durable, fill-able, affordable, dishwasher safe and completely awesome little rubber toys, you can find them at just about any pet retailer and they come sized and shaped to match your mutt’s chewing needs.  Here are some holiday stuffing recipes that will keep Fluffy occupied for hours…

Turkey Dinner – for beginning to intermediate chewers

  • 2 parts Fromm’s Grain-Free Beef Frittata Veg (dry)
  • 1 part Nature’s Variety Homestyle turkey and duck stew (canned).
  • 1-3 pieces of Fruitables pumpkin and cranberry treat.
  • Mix the dry and canned dog food to form a tasty chunky paste.
  • Place 1-3 pumpkin and cranberry dog treats at the bottom of the Kong. Fill the remainder of the Kong with the wet/dry dog food mash. Feed at room temperature or freeze for advanced chewers.

Aunt Jeannie’s Archaeology Kong – for advanced chewers

  • LAYER ONE (deepest): roasted, unsalted cashews · freeze dried liver bits
  • LAYER TWO: dog kibble, cookies or liver biscotti · Cheerios · sugar-free, salt-free peanut butter · dried banana chips, apples and apricots
  • LAYER THREE: carrot sticks · turkey or leftover ravioli or tortellini
  • LIGHT VERSION: substitute crumbled rice cakes for cashews, Caesar croutons for freeze-dried liver, fat free cream cheese for peanut butter

Mix and match or substitute!  Just remember to supervise your dog with new chew toys and feed multiple dogs separately to avoid conflicts due to Kong envy.

Happy Holidays!

Animal Empathy

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So for all of us crazy die-hard dog lovers that have been swearing for years that our furry companions can truly love us, care for us, and sympathize with us when we are in a pinch, here’s the proof…

The University of Chicago neuropsych lab tested whether rats would overcome their fears and brave into the center of an arena to free a trapped cage mate.  They not only discovered that the rats would consistently open a door to liberate a friend, but the rats would also free the trapped rat when they would be physically prevented from socializing and when they had the choice to free the cage mate or pig out on some delicious chocolate chips.  The rats even shared chocolate with their liberated buddies.  They did not open the doors on empty or dummy-rat holding containers, proving that the motivator was the opportunity to help out a friend and not just exploration.

Finally, evidence that animals empathize.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Watch the video here!

Dog Powered Christmas Tree Service

Posted by: admin | December 4, 2011 | Posted in Dog Events

For the lucky shoppers of North Yorkshire visitor centre in Danby England, Christmas tree buying will be a little different this year.  Their trees will be brought to their car using dog power.

The Forestry Commission in Danby Forest has recruited Newfoundland dogs from Aqua Nova Water Bears training club to move the trees.  The Newfies, who are naturals at draft work, have been trained to pull the trees behind them in carts.  This year they will be towing trees to raise money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Scarbourough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue.

Newfoundlands were originally bred to work for fisherman in Newfoundland Canada.  This giant, tremendously strong breed remains extremely benevolent, using its loyalty and calm disposition for water rescue work even to this day.  Newfoundlands thick double coat, webbed feet, and muscular build means that they can swim for miles.