Polite Dog 101

Posted by: Pack Leader | August 16, 2011 | Posted in Dog Behavior, Dog Events, Dog Training

As I prepare to kick-off my first exciting year of training at Central Bark with my Basic Obedience/Canine Good Citizen class, I would like to give some tips to turn your very own hooligan into a polite doggie citizen.

1) Train everywhere – every room in your house, on your daily walk, in the car, at the park, everywhere!  The most challenging things happen outside of your living room so why only train there?

2) Use your environment – Big scary bearded sunglass wearing guy at the park?  Great!  Ask him to give your dog a cookie.  Dog barking at balloons outside the local pet store?  Ask for brief sit and then let your dog blow off some steam by running around like a goofball.  You get the idea.

3) Put down the cookies – Training with treats is a wonderful way to get quick reliable responses and a happy dog… but having to show your dog what you have in order to get a response is bad training.  Instead, ask for a behavior with empty hands, then when you get it, whip out a cookie.  Your dog will think you can make awesomeness appear out of thin air.

You’re off to a great start!

If you would like to know more, enroll in my Basic Obedience/Canine Good Citizen class (aka. Polite Dog 101).  It is 6 consecutive Tuesdays at 7:30pm from 8/23 through 9/20.  The cost is $130 which includes Canine Good Citizen certification.

You can e-mail me at info@central-bark.com or call 206.325.3525 to sign up or learn more.

New to the Central Bark Team!

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The Central Bark team would like to introduce Amy Wagner: Manager and Trainer extraordinaire!  Here’s a little information direct from the source…

A little about me: I have been working with dog and human clients in shelters, daycares, homes, training classes, and participating in dog sports for 8 years now.  I am an insatiable sponge for all things dog.  I also own and train for my company Dynamic Dog Works LLP.  I developed my training method using the simple and effective dog-friendly training techiniques that I saw work wonders for sport and working dog trainers and applied them to meet the needs of the highly sociable modern dog.

Why I work at Central Bark: Our clients are hard-core dog lovers!  Also, our philosophies are the same.  A good daycare and boarding facility is more than just a place for dogs to burn off energy, it is a place for dogs to learn and be mentally stimulated as well.  Daycare should provide all sorts of enrichment and dogs should come home not just physically tired, but having learned and practiced the skills they need to be better companions overall.  I can honestly say that Central Bark lives up to that standard.

I would love to meet all of you and share some of my tride and true tips for getting the most out of whatever you do or would like to do with your dog (even if that isn’t much).

Complimentary Meet-the-Trainer Workshop
Learn simple solutions for life obedience in the real world.
August 13th   10-11am
There is limited availability.  To sign up call 206.325.3525 or e-mail me at 
info@central-bark.com.  Thanks!