Remembering Sammy

Posted by: Pack Leader | January 28, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving Day this year, a dog was electrocuted on Queen Anne when it stepped on a groundcover plate that became energized due to a faulty grounding of a decorative streetlight that was incorrectly installed by a private contractor for Seattle City Light. This dog’s name was Sammy. And Sammy will not be forgotten.

After that incident, Seattle City Light brought in two contractors to help their team test all of the metal streetlights and associated metal equipment. During the testing, the contractors found over a half dozen lamp poles located on both private and public governmental properties where there was elevated voltage. Since then, the City Light crews have de-energized the equipment and notified customers of the problems.

We received a letter at Central Bark urging us, as I am urging you now, to test any metal light pole, signal, or other device that you may have on your property that could potentially have contact at a level dangerous to our pets or humans. If you would like assistance or more information from City Light, please contact Bryan Leuschen with the streetlight group at (206) 386-4204.