Events @ Central Bark!

Posted by: Pack Leader | June 12, 2010 | Posted in Uncategorized

We have training at Central Bark. There will be a training seminar once a month, and don’t worry– if your pet is not ready for a class or you have something specific to work on, we do have one on one private training sessions! 

Upcoming Seminar:

Leash Walking 101
Sunday, June 27th, 2010    
$10.00 @ Central Bark

 This class could be a refresher or teach your new pup how to walk with you and strengthen your bond.

Please bring the type of collar you walk your dog on: nylon collar, Gentle Leader, Halti, Easy Walker, etc. or bring a new collar and learn proper fit and technique. Make sure you have a nylon or leather leash—no retractable leads.

 Limited Availability– Sign up now!
You can sign up at the front desk, email, or call us at (206) 325-3525.

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