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Greetings from Central Bark! This is our first-ever blog, “The Central Barker.” We want to provide you with relevant and useful information about the wonderful dogs in your life.

What could be more appropriate than a discussion about the summer temperatures and the importance of caring for your furry friends in warmer weather? Your friends and neighbors at Central Bark would like to remind you about some ways to stay cool and safe. These simple precautions may save your animals’ lives.

  • Every summer, hundreds of animals die needlessly due to hot and humid weather. Please, never leave a pet alone in a car. Even if the windows are open and it doesn’t seem that hot to you, the temperature inside a car can soar to over a hundred degrees in just a few minutes.

  • Make sure your pets have access to plenty of fresh water and cool shade.

  • If your dog loves water, get a kiddie pool. Don’t get the inflatable kind (for the obvious puncture hazard), but get the hard-sided plastic pools. They have an extra benefit: you can climb in yourself!

  • Ice cream! Many pet stores are selling some sweet treats for dogs in the form of frozen treats. One brand is called SweetSpots, by Nature’s Variety. They’re (mostly) non-dairy, non-soy, non-corn. I know they are available at both All the Best and Mud Bay. You can also try making your own treats by freezing chicken or beef broth in ice cube trays.

  • Bring your dog to Central Bark for a fun day of play in air-conditioned heaven! We have supervised play time, a wading pool, and off-leash park adventures. For an extra-special treat, schedule your pup for grooming. Our professional groomers will clip, brush, bathe, and pamper your dog. We even clip toenails – something a lot of pet owners dread.

  • Remember to stay cool yourself. Drink plenty of fluids, and plan on fewer activities than usual during these extremely hot days.

From LaVonne