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The Top 4 Best Indestructible Dog Beds

K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

K9 Ballistics has several different models of dog beds, but all of them will stand up to your dog’s use. Their unique Tuff Flex Ballistic Material resists chewing and scratching, repels dirt and moisture, and can stop any tears from spreading. They’re even machine washable, so you can easily get rid of the that dog smell whenever needed.

Kuranda Dog Cots

The cot-style dog beds from Kuranda are extremely durable. With hardy, all-aluminum or PVC frames that resist chewing, your dog will have a hard time causing any damage to this bed. These cots are raised off the ground, allowing airflow all around your pet, which is perfect for those hot summers. These beds do come with a high price tag, but odds are that you won’t have to replace or repair this bed for years and years to come.

DogBed4Less Memory Foam Dog Beds

Want to give your dog that cushy feeling of sleeping on a cloud? DogBed4Less has highly durable dog beds made of memory foam padding. This gives your dog comfort and support, and is great for older dogs or dogs with joint or back problems. The canvas cover can also be removed and washed when needed, so you can clean it as often as needed .

Brinkmann Pet Beds

If you have a smaller dog, and you just want a bed that will fit in the corner of your bedroom, then Brinkmann has some great options available. While not as durable as the options above, they can usually withstand use from a smaller breed. With a bolster for added comfort and support, this bed allows your pup to sleep comfortably.

If you have one of these beds, you are welcome to bring it along when you check your dog in for doggie boarding so that your pet can sleep comfortably even when they are away from you.


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