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The best off-leash dog park

Your pick for the best Seattle off-leash dog park is…tied! Both Magnuson Park (at Sandpoint) and Westcrest Park (in West Seattle) were voted as the best off-leash dog parks. For those of you who use, or those of you who are thinking about using off-leash dog parks, the City of Seattle posts the common-sense rules and regulations for your viewing pleasure at

Here’s a little-known tip that will make your off-leash outings safer and more enjoyable. Don’t be tempted to keep your dog on a leash in an off-leash park. This invites strange dynamics between dogs and can lead to aggressive behavior – both from the leashed dog and the unleashed dog. If you aren’t sure your dog will behave off-leash, consider some additional training or socializing before you venture to an off-leash park.

If you haven’t already voted for your favorite doggie daycare (and you know who that is!) in the King 5 Evening Magazine Best of Western Washington, here’s another chance to do so before voting ends. Just click here. It only takes a minute, and we really need your vote!

By the way, here’s a link to a great web page I found from the ASPCA: Ten ways to help animals in your community.


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