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Reasons to Opt for Dog Boarding Services


When you can’t take your dog with you on vacation, opt for dog boarding in Seattle. Choose a facility that includes dog daycare with the boarding fee. Then your dog will spend the day romping with furry friends all day and have plenty of human interaction.


Moving is stressful for the humans involved, but did you know it’s equally stressful for your dog? With boxes being packed and then leaving to go to the future residence, your dog knows that something is happening, but isn’t quite sure what. Opting for dog boarders in Seattle during the hectic process of moving can assure that your pet spends his days happily frolicking as opposed to being stressed. Furthermore, he will be out of your way and not in danger of running away with the movers coming and going.

You Need a Break

You love your dog. He’s your buddy, your companion, your friend. However, sometimes even man’s best-friend can get on your last nerve. This especially holds true for adolescent dogs that are always up to some sort of mischief. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need a break from time-to-time. Sending Fido to a doggie daycare in Seattle is no different than hiring a babysitter for your kids for the night. Your dog will have a blast, and you’ll feel refreshed and better able to handle your pup’s antics after you get a day or night of peace and quiet.


Sometimes when we get overworked, we unintentionally neglect those we care about, including our pets. Whether working long hours or taking work home with you, Fido can get restless and bored with a lack of exercise. Instead of feeling guilty about not being able to spend enough time with him, why not send him to a doggie hotel in Seattle? He will be exercised and given plenty of attention for those occasions that you are not able to devote the time to him that you’d like. You can then attend to your work guilt-free knowing he’s well taken care of.

For those times life gets in the way of being the perfect pet parent, boarding your dog is a great option to make sure Fido gets all the attention, playtime, and exercise he could want, all in a safe and controlled environment.


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