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How Training Can Create a Better-Behaved Dog

Start with one command at a time. You are probably hoping that with one day of hard work, your dog will become the best behaved pup on the block. Unfortunately, that’s not how dog training works. Training takes time. Start out with one command at a time. If you decide to start with “sit,” reinforce their obedience with a treat. Once they have mastered this command, then you can move on to another one.

Correct your dog’s bad behavior. If your dog has a few bad habits, it’s time to break them. Use short, sharp statements to reprimand your dog’s naughty behavior. Be sure to use a voice with that is loud enough to get your pup’s attention.

Keep your dog busy and engaged. Just like humans, dogs need to be stimulated. If they are bored, they may begin to act out. Plus, dogs that are bored are much more difficult to train. Be sure to take your dog for plenty of walks and give them lots of exercise. They will respond better to training if they are active.

Bond with your pup. While your dog may be your best friend, are you its best friend? Cultivating the relationship between the two of you is vital to the training process. If you are only interacting with your dog to reprimand them, they may begin to feel depressed. Be sure to take time each day to do some sort of stress-reducing activity together.

Let your dog hang with other dogs. Socializing your dog is very important. It allows you to see how they react around peers. If there is behavior that needs to be corrected, this gives you the opportunity to see it and stop it.

Don’t use physical punishment. When it seems like your dog just won’t listen, refrain from physical action. This can actually hinder any progress that your dog may be making. Fear is not the way to get your dog to listen. Instead, pick up the treats and put down the rolled-up newspaper.

Train them close to the crate. When trying to potty train your pup, have them use the bathroom outside. Most dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom close to where they sleep. So this is the perfect time to introduce them to a crate.

Let your dog have some freedom. Don’t create a puppy prison. There should be plenty of places that your doggy can explore in your home. With too many rules, your pup may begin to feel restricted and sad. Give them the chance to practice their self-control by offering them more freedom.

Dog training in Seattle is important. Not only does it allow you to enjoy your pup’s company more, but it ensures that they are well-behaved around other people and dogs.


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