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Going Raw freezer box showed up with 20lbs of food and I was instructed to give Truman tripe to start out and adjust his body… I am not sure if you have ever smelled tripe, but it is the most unexplainable worst smell ever. The smell aside, Truman did not have any bad reactions. The tripe lasted a few days and then we began to start him on the meats. I had an assortment of duck, turkey, beef, buffalo, and chicken. Truman gobbled up the food immediately! My other dogs were very jealous. Truman had no stomach troubles and, as the owner of 2 dogs over 150lbs, one of the best benefits was that I picked up less poop. I am half embarrassed to say that, but it was a benefit! We encountered only one hiccup and that was when Tru began to lose a little weight, but I just upped the amount and he put the weight right back on. His coat looked nice and shiny and as a dog who is not always crazy about gobbling up his food- he couldn’t eat this fast enough. I was very happy with this trial.

If I could afford to feed all my dogs raw I would because the benefits are great. Darwin’s has been so great and they were nice enough to offer this special to all our CB customers. Central Bark Coupon

I decided to add this little bit about Salmonella. If you have any questions comment below and I will be happy to answer based on my experience and knowledge.

There have been many pet food recalls lately for both dry and raw foods. And with the recent decision by the Delta Society to not allow dogs that eat a raw diet to be service animals there has been a lot of hype. What you need to know- no pet food is immune from salmonella. The good news is that common sense measures will help to prevent your risk of infection. Wash your hands and bowls after every meal and do not leave raw meat out. Do not prepare pet foods with the same utensils you use to handle human food. These instructions will help to minimize the risk for infection.


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