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All you ever wanted to know about dog training

Recently we asked our readers to tell us what services they’d like to see at Central Bark. Fifty-eight percent of you said you wanted dog training.

We’re pleased to announce that at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, February 6, we’ll be hosting an informational session on dog training. And here’s a surprise; the speaker will be none other than Curt Greenberg, the former owner of Central Bark. He is now a certified dog trainer, and will be glad to share his knowledge with us.

Please join us for this fun, free event. Bring your questions, and find out more about what your training options are. (Humans only for this session please.)

Dear Ozzie

Central Bark is pleased that Ozzie Schwartz was able to take time out of his busy schedule to respond to readers’ questions.

Dear Ozzie,

The people I live with keep talking about “getting in shape.” Apparently, they think I should participate in this new endeavor. While I think it’s just fine if they go running around the neighborhood in the dark, I don’t see why I need to participate. How can I convince them that it would be much better to leave me at home on the couch so I can guard the house and watch Oprah?



Dear Sleepy,

While I do see the advantage to staying home during your housemates’ exercise routines, I’d like to encourage you to see it their way. Your job is to help keep them motivated. If they think they’re exercising to do you a big favor and get you in shape, they’re more likely to stick to it. Why don’t you suck it up and just see this as part of the bigger picture – the one in which you are a responsible member of the family?



Dear Ozzie,

I have a problem. I really like jumping on the two-leggeds when they come home, but it seems to make them very unhappy. They scowl and get grumpy. Don’t they know I’m just happy to see them?


Eager to Please

Dear Eager,

Although the return of your people after an absence is a joyous occasion, you’re quite correct. I have found that, as a rule, they don’t like boisterous greetings. It’s quite confusing because when you are very little, it makes them laugh. Then after a while, it causes them a lot of discomfort.

My suggestion is to enroll them in a people training class. Now be aware, they will refer to it as a dog training class. But as we all know, it’s the people who have to learn what to do to communicate with us.

Central Bark is offering an excellent informational session on dog training, and I think your two-leggeds should attend. Leave this blog open on their computer where they can read about it. They’re smart; they’ll figure it out.




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