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5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know about Dogs

Dogs Keep You Healthy

Dogs are being used in the care and recovery of patients in a variety of settings. Alzheimer’s patients have an easier time stabilizing their temperaments when they have exposure to dogs as companions. Petting a dog has been proven to help elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body. Serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters that contribute to the moods in your body and help you feel happy or good. People who have struggled with depression reported feeling improvements after caring for and loving a dog. Dogs have also been known to help their owners lower their blood pressure levels and reduce anxiety.

Dogs Snore

A large number of dogs snore when they sleep! It’s not very adorable when our spouse or significant other does it, but we think it’s pretty cute and entertaining when a puppy or grown dog snores. Some dogs begin snoring when they are new puppies and some dogs don’t exhibit the behavior until they are grown and aging. Snoring can also be the result of a dog gaining extra weight.

Dogs Dream

Dogs have similar sleep patterns and brain waves to humans and a lot of recent studies have suggested that dogs, in fact, dream. Nobody quite knows what dogs dream about, but researchers speculate that their dreaming would be comparable to humans. We tend to have dreams related to the events or occurrences that take place during the day; this is probably the case for dogs as well.

Dogs Can See in the Dark

Night-vision goggles won’t be needed for your pooch. Dogs are able to see in the dark because of the structure of their eyes. A dog’s pupils are a lot larger than human pupils, and as a result, they let more light in. They also have a lot more of the cells in their eyes that distinguish light from shadow, so it’s easier for them to get around when the lights are out.

Unique Nose Print

Just like a humans fingerprint, a dog’s nose is unique. If you look closely, their noses are made up of tiny little ridges and bumps. Each dog’s nose print is as different as each human’s fingerprint. Several countries and a few U.S. states have already adopted the method of using a dog’s nose print for identification of lost dogs.

There is so much to learn and love about these animals. Whether they are helping us stay healthy or keeping us company, dogs have a way of making us feel good. Getting professional dog training in Seattle can make your relationship with your dog even more beneficial.


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