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3 Easy Ways to Ease Your Dog's Anxiety at Daycare

Visit First

Take your dog to visit the facility before you plan to leave them there. It’s best to do this a few times, as it gives your dog a chance to get to know the location, the staff, and some of the other dogs that are being cared for at the daycare. This makes the transition much easier on them.

Provide Comforting Items

When you take your dog in to leave them at the center for boarding, bring a couple of familiar items to help comfort your pup. This can include a favorite toy or a blanket that smells like you. Having these familiar items nearby can help to keep your dog calm even when you’re not around.

Great Staff

The staff at the doggy daycare is a vital part of easing your dog’s anxiety. This is yet another reason why you should visit in advance, so that you can see if the facility has trained employees to help your dog’s separation anxiety. They should have the right touch and the right experience to help your dog relax and feel safe in the facility, even when you’re not around.


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