Why Daycare Rocks for Puppies!

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 Puppy in Daycare Picture

Daycare isn’t for every dog but a lot of dogs benefit from the extra playtime and mental stimulation that they receive at daycare. Puppies especially benefit from daycare and here are the top 7 reason daycare rocks for puppies!


1.Learn good play behavior

Just like any kid, puppies need to learn proper social etiquette. Having the exposure to different play styles and ages of dogs while at daycare will help you puppy learn appropriate play

2.Burn that puppy energy

No one will argue that puppies are bundles of energy! They quickly recharge after a nap and are ready to go again. The awesome benefit of daycare is that they can burn some of the puppy energy throughout the day rather than having it pent up for when you get home from work.

Puppy in Daycare Picture

3.Reduced potty accidents in the house

It’s no surprise puppies have accidents in the house. A 8-hour work day is a long time for a puppy to hold its bladder, especially if they are still figuring out potty training. At daycare, they are able to relieve themselves when needed so no need to worry about your four-legged pup soiling on your carpet.

4.Emergency dog care

Life is never predictable, emergencies come up: work runs late, last minute trips, etc. If your puppy is already evaluated and a regular at daycare, it makes those emergencies less stressful and a tad bit easier to handle. Knowing your puppy is happy, comfortable and safe while you’re away is the greatest piece of mind.

5.Enforcement of training outside the home

One of the major benefits of daycare is reinforcement of training done at home while the dogs are at daycare. Ask the staff at your daycare facility to reinforce the behaviors you are working with at home.

Puppy in Daycare Picture

6.Makes lots of dog friends

This plays into the dog socialization part but a lot of dogs find their doggy best friend while at daycare or make friends with everyone and play all day long!


If you haven’t already figured it out but puppies take up a lot of time and work. It’s sometimes nice to be able to drop off your four-legged kid at daycare for a couple hours so you can run errands, clean the house and then come back to pick up a tired puppy ready for a long nap.

We want to hear from you! Have you tried daycare with your puppy? What was your experience?


Bark to School

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Bark to School ChalkboardIn this edition of the Central Barker, we are gearing up for Bark to School! Kids head back to school in the next couple weeks which means the dogs that have been staying at home with the kids during the summer are now going to be home alone during the day. For some dogs this is great: more naptimes and less bribing the kids for extra treats; but for some pups this is just means more unsupervised time to cause mischief!

So parents when you’re buying all the school supplies for your kids, let’s also think about gearing our four-legged kids to get ready for their ‘bark’ to daycare!

If your pup has never gone to daycare, there’s a couple additional steps you should be aware of. Most daycares require some sort of behavioral evaluation or interview for new dogs before they can come in. Plan ahead of time for this and call ahead to set up an appointment as well as know the requirements the daycare has. These tend to book out 2-7 days ahead of time so keep that in mind when you’re planning.

Spudge & Moose

For both ‘freshmen’ and ‘senior’ daycare dog goers it’s important to make sure they are up-to-date on all vaccines, flea preventative and/or fecal tests. Call the daycare ahead of time to make sure they have all the records and if something is missing call your vet to get it taken care of. There’s nothing worse than dropping your pup off for the day and then learning they cannot play due to an expired vaccine.

Now you’re ready! Your pup rocking their new collar, ready to make some new friends or see some old ones. There might even be a teary goodbye the first day but you’ll be reassured when your pup is passed out on the car ride home that they had a blast at daycare!


Benefits of Dog Day Care

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We all want our dogs to be happy, healthy, and energetic. Seeing our beloved pets happy and active eases a multitude of worries about their long-term health and well-being. However, it can be hard to give them all the time, attention, and interaction they need to stay healthy if you have a full-time job and responsibilities. It can be exhausting to come home from work every day and put in hours of walks and playing so that your pup gets all the exercise and interaction that it needs. Looking for a solution? Doggy day care in Seattle or your home town might be it! Read on for some of the benefits.


If raised around a lot of other dogs, your pup will naturally learn how to interact with playmates and be a friendlier, more outgoing dog. This can solve the problem often seen with dogs that are never socialized when they are threatening or intimidated around other dogs. This is especially good if you want to ease your dog into introducing a new dog or even a baby into your household.

Exercise and Playtime

Dogs have huge amounts of energy when they’re healthy, and to keep them that way you need to make sure they get their exercise! Often, just having a dog walker come by doesn’t cut it–most pups need interaction and playtime all day long to get the amount they need. If you don’t have the time and energy to give your pup all the energy it takes, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is getting all the playtime needed at day care.

Medical Attention

If your dog is getting elderly and needs some more attention in the form of medication and special care, many dog day cares can help out by administering medication and care.

5 Insider Tips to Boarding your Dog

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Memorial Day has finally arrived, kicking off the summer vacation season! We have been revving up for weeks and are ready for the start of summer which means a lot of doggy sleepovers. With this in mind, we want to share with you some tips you may not of thought of for boarding your dog. Whether its your pup’s first time boarding or the thousandth time we always want to make sure their sleepover stay is the best it can be!

Vegas tucks himself into bed every night!

Vegas tucks himself into bed every night!


1. Add a Yummy Incentive

  • Sometimes dogs can be a bit pickier than usual about eating meals; the dog who gobbles up everything in sight at home, may choose to not eat meals during a boarding stay. Adding just a small amount of a ‘high value’ item to every meal will make them more likely to eat all of them. The ‘high value’ item can vary between treats, wet food, raw food, chicken broth, yogurt, etc. The idea is to add something special the dog doesn’t normally get everyday to encourage them to eat. This isn’t a fail safe trick, there are always the extremely picky eaters who won’t eat even with their incentive but it works with majority of dogs.

2. The T-shirt Trick!

  • Bring a shirt/article of clothing that you have slept in so it smells like you that can be put in their kennel with them at night. This can be in addition to their favorite bedding and favorite toy too

Donald & Sadie soundly snoozing on their bed from home.

Donald & Sadie soundly snoozing on their bed from home.

3. Short ‘Dry Run’ Boarding Stays

  • If your dog is not an experienced boarder and you have a long trip planned, the best advice would to plan short 1 or 2 night stays over a couple weeks before the long trip to help acclimate them to boarding. It’s not mandatory of course but it will lessen the stress on your pup and ease them into the long boarding stay.

4. Check in on them

  • This might sound obvious but you should always feel welcome to check up on your pet while they are boarding.

5. Time for a Bath

  • Ask for a bath or nail trim to be done before you pick up your dog. If your dog is a big player they will be a tad stinky from consecutive days of playing with other dogs.

Ask for a Bath Blog Photo

We want to hear from you!! What do you do to help you dog have a smooth boarding stay? What’s a good tip for dog owners new to boarding?

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Happy Holiday!
With the holidays upon us soon we will be busy with visitors and festive events. Often overlooked in all the hustle and bustle is the health and safety of our best friends. The holidays are packed full of dog (and cat) hazards from things as obvious as an open flame to things that are less obvious like tinsel ingestion. With a little thought put into decoration placement and food safety we can all have a fun and safe holiday devoid of expensive preventable vet bills.

My dear sweet mini Australian Shepard Toby is often my example of a good dog that likes to eat! Toby arrived at my house as a foster over 5 years ago. He was 11 months old and very timid and fearful of humans. Since then Toby has completed a ton of training and is now a totally different dog. But one lasting bad behavior has persists, he is a terrible food thief and unfortunately a very cleaver one! Last year while enjoying a lovely Christmas holiday at the beach Toby managed to steal a whole 70% pure cacao gourmet chocolate bar! Oh boy did he look pleased with himself. After a call to the vet it was decided to induce vomiting, which I had never done before. I think we were both a little traumatized but he did expel enough chocolate to avoid a night at the vet. Despite a little poor coordination Toby did make a full recovery as usual.

Chocolate is a tricky toxin in dogs, most of the chocolate we have around our houses is of a lower risk in causing a significant medical emergency. Milk chocolate has a lower cacao content and therefor is less dangerous for pets than dark chocolate. The tricky part though is often establishing just how much chocolate they ate. I always recommend calling your vet if they eat anything poisonous, chocolate is no exception.

Here is a list of the most common holiday pet ingestion dangers;

Alcohol; Pets will often try to sneak a drink of our ‘adult beverages’. Alcohol is more dangerous the more they the ingest (as is true in most poison ingestion). Alcohol effects the central nervous causing staggering, depressed breathing and cardiac arrest. If you suspect that you dog has helped him or her self to your drink OR if your dog is acting differently, call your vet as soon as possible.

Holiday plants; Holly, mistletoe, Poinsettia and yew are all of concern if your pet ingests them! Yew and holly often find their way into our holiday wreaths. While holly is more of a throat/intestine puncture issue Yew is often used in holiday wreaths, the Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidate) has been dubbed “the tree of death.” Yews contain potent cardiotoxins — taxine A and B — which antagonize (block) the calcium and sodium ion channels in the myocardium. Vets see some severe issues after large yew ingestions including heart rhythm issues and gastroenteritis and even death. So keep wreaths and other plan containing decorations out of pets reach!

Holiday foods; including cooked bones, fatty rich food and turkey skin can be hazardous to your best friends too. Cooked bones can splinter and puncture when swallowed. Fatty rich foods can cause stomach upset and issues like pancreatitis. If you feel like you want to offer your pets special treats during the holidays it’s always best to stick to store bought treats or make your own dog treats!

We wish you a warm, happy, safe holiday,
From all of us at Central Bark!

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Here at Central Bark we know how much you love your furry friends! This, of course, drives everything we do every day. With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder it’s obvious that the holiday season is upon us. The holidays are a busy time at Central Bark! Boarding become full of cute dogs enjoying a stay with us while their humans are out of town. To this end, I remind you all make your holiday boarding reservation ASAP! We know why dogs love to board at Central Bark; they sleep in  large kennels, playing in daycare all day, go to the park Monday through Friday and love our professional dog loving staff.

Grooming is another area that gets super busy during the holidays. Who doesn’t love a clean, beautifully groomed dog? Be sure to book at least a week before you need grooming services now through Christmas! Remember we do squeaky clean baths and fancy hair cuts. I bet there will be pretty bows and shiny coats.

Lastly we have scheduled for Sarah Rugh to do all our holiday photos this year. Sarah is a dog lover and a very talented photographer. We are booking photo sessions for Saturday, November 16th. It’s coming up soon! Sessions can be booked between 11am and 3pm. To book your session call (206) 325-3525.

Central Bark is going to be at Dog-O-Ween!

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Central Bark is excited to be participating in COLA’s Dog-O-Ween yet again this year.

Come on down for a fun day of dogs in costume, pet related booths, prizes and drawings! Genesee dog park is located at 4316 S. Genesee St. http://www.seattle.gov/parks/offleash_detail.asp?id=409

Central Bark will be handing out fun items for dogs and their friends.

I will be snapping photo’s and posting them on our facebook page so be sure to look their in the days to come! https://www.facebook.com/CentralBarkWA

Hope to see you all there!

New manager here to serve you!

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Greeting all Central Bark blog readers and followers!
I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Farrah Branson. I am very pleased to be the part of the Central Bark family as your newest manager.
A little about me; I bring a wealth of experience working in and managing
local dog facilities similar to Central Bark. In addition I am a
professional groomer, apprentice dog trainer and
have lots of dog handling experience. I am also an avid dog lover and I
provide foster care for local rescue dogs.
I could not be more thrilled to be joining this wonderful team of pet
professionals! I have chosen Central Bark for it’s amazing track record and
it’s high dedication to customer service. As someone who has worked in many
local dog businesses I can honestly say Central Bark is the best of the
I have a very open door, hands on management style. Please feel free to stop
in and introduce yourself! I welcome questions, ideas and any concerns.
I look forward to meeting all of you and getting to know your beloved dogs!
I will be updating our blog and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CentralBarkWA. I will be
writing fun dog related stories, new health advancements and training tips.
‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves
-Josh Billings
Have a lovely day,

We’re Growing

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We would like to thank all of you for completing our Customer Satisfaction Survey. We got a lot of great feedback, we heard your requests, and we’ve made some improvements.

We now have a second webcam in the Patio Room. You asked for it, and we got it.  Now you can see what your four-legged friend is up to from breakfast to bedtime. We also have faster refresh rates for both of our cameras.

Central Bark is mobile.  Now you can watch your dog on the go with your iPhone.  Download it here at http://www.macworld.com/appguide/app.html?id=382306&expand=false

We are expanding the grooming department. We heard how important those post-play salon treatments were so we have added more grooming and we’re now offering haircuts and full service grooming on Saturdays as well as weekdays.

Thanks again for all the helpful input.  We hope you enjoy the new services.